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Lovely game, but why is it so hard to rotate the camera? (Linux build, idk if that matters...)

Thank you! This could be due to the Linux build, sadly I don't have the means to debug this.


is this based on the Philipines??

Hi! This game isn't based on the Philipines. The game just shares the name with the city Iloilo! 


This was really cute and I wish there was more to it as I enjoyed walking along the Island and seeing the sights around me.  The only thing I would recommend is adding instructions on how to fish as it toke me quite a while to figure out but maybe I am bit slow too. :)


I loved the island! I had a fun time exploring and learning more about the character. His favorite place is defintely mine too. 

Thanks for making this jens.

A big sorry because I cant purchase it for my dad and mom sorry

Hey don't be sorry! The game is free for everyone and if you want and are able to donate then you can ;)

Adorable !


It was a great game to heal your tired daily life on a small island!

Thank you :) 



Thank you so much! Appreciate it :)


How exactly do you pronounce the title?

Ee-lo ee-lo ;)


Oh, thanks! :)


Hello do you have plans to work on this further?

Hi there! Currently, I have no plans on working on this further, because I feel more like working on other small projects. However, if the demand is present, I'll gladly consider it :) 

How long did it take you to make this masterpiece btw?

A week or two I think, I worked on it during school so it wasn't non stop work.

I see


This game is so cool :)
I really enjoyed it.
Did you use Unreal engine 4?

according to the description of the page, it's made with unity

Thank you for your nice comment! Glad you liked it :)

As spookyfistpump said, I indeed used Unity for the development of the game.


I see

I got a little confused actually since there is usually a few more files with the .exe for unity builds(like that monobleeding edge and unity crash handler etc etc)

I thought those were required to make the game run properly? 

Yes indeed, I packed them using a tool (can't find the name rn) so it's easier for the user :) 

I see 

Thank you 

You did an awesome job btw :)

I enjoyed your game very much

Thanks :)

Is the song called just "Iloilo - Main Theme", and who is the artist? The mp3 didn't have any tag info

Yes! The song is 100% made by me :) Sorry, I didn't have much time, so no extra MP3 tag info. Hope you enjoyed it! 


Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I definitely enjoyed it. The calming music was the first thing I noticed and immediately wanted to know what it was. Thank you very much for making it available!

No problem at all! Glad you like it :) Thank you for your purchase.


This character reminds me of Adventure Time.


Looks like the video is offline? Hope you still enjoyed it!


This was such a lovely little game! I've been waiting a while to play it but it was so worth it- the visuals and the storytelling were so soothing. Amazing work!

Thank you for your nice comment :) I'm glad you liked it! 


I love this game! Fun !

Thank you for playing! :)

Such a fun game i love it


I really enjoyed this game! It was so cute, and I really loved the atmosphere and character!

Thank you so much for your video, I loved it!

I've download it and the antivirus did not acuse anything... It's OK!

I've one unrelated question: When runing unity apps in other computer, windows always say Unknown developer, but yours it didn't. How did you manage to do that?

Thanks in advance!... I will play now!


I love this game! I am hoping to see a part 2 or a sequel 


Thanks for your video! Maybe in the future :))

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For some reason, both itch and Defender are treating the executable as malware. Haven't been able to play :(


Hmm strange! I'll try to add an alternative download link this week.

Same here (a week after this discussion.)
Detected as Win32/Bladabindi!ml by MSE. Like, serious hacking business.
Detected by 5 other antiviruses as well.
Seems to be mostly through heuristic research, though.
Maybe it's the installer or something?


The .exe is not an installer, it's just a packed version of the game. I have uploaded an alternative Windows download with a different pack. Hopefully, this will fix the false positives. Thanks for your feedback!

I can also confirm it now works. Thanks! Also, the file is twice as small as the other one :)

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Simply put: This game was a breath of fresh air. So relaxed, calming and zen, but with some hints of reality, which, if anything, enhanced it even more! Beautiful art, smooth, simple, yet engaging gameplay, and a cute game overall! Loved it, and had to make a video to share it more!

Thanks for your video! Great commentary!

The Linux version does not capture the mouse correctly. It captures the mouse but still if it hits the borders of the screen, you can not pan the view any further. 

I wanted to try the windows version with wine but the downloaded ZIP file only contains the .exe which complains about a missing UnityPlayer.dll. If I install that one it complains about a missing data directory. 

I somehow also missed the point that you already have all the fish on you. I wandered around the scene (battling the malfunctioning mouse movement) and wondered where to find the fish that I should drop until I accidentally "jumped" over a box once, dropping the fish. Maybe this could be made more obvious?

Hey! Sorry that you didn't get to experience the game in the right way. Sadly the Linux version is unsupported so it will not be as well maintained as the Windows version.

The whole fish dropping mechanic is indeed a little simple and maybe confusing, but I feel that I've finished the game and taken all the big bugs out so I'm not planning on releasing any big updates. Thanks for your feedback though!


Does everything it sets out to do, I felt especially calm after playing it.

Thanks for the vid!

I also found a strange bug, which allowed me to jump from the surrounding island to the main rotating hill, and you can easily spam-jump up the hill, and deliver the fish... 




when i run the game it plays for a bit then closes also has no crash handler should add one also after it closes it deletes the exe from the folder


whenever i try to open it, it just says that there's a virus or unwanted something. how can I fix this?


with a better antivirus


its fine with all other games I've downloaded though. its just specifically this one


like I'm using window defender or whatever its called and it says something g about a trojan virus, idk

Hmm strange, definitely a false positive. Normally Windows Defender will block every game (because it's from an unknown source). I hope you got it fixed. :))


I can only fix it by disabling my anti-virus and ill uninstalled the game and my computer still says that I have a virus installed within the ilolio folder which I've deleted so I'm not sure what to do tbh


This game was super relaxing and I loved the landscape along with all the sounds too. Very beautiful and soothing. Awesome job!


Thank you for sharing your video! :))

You are welcome.



Awesome! Thanks for the video :)


the style and atmosphere are so soothing but the gameplay (namely the way the camera angle constantly changes so that sometimes I am unable to see my avatar and walk into the water by mistake) has actually made me quite tense- am I doing something wrong? I want to enjoy this game properly :(

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Hey there! I'm not sure what you mean with camera angle constantly changing? You can use the mouse to look around. If you're not using your mouse for over 5 seconds the camera will automatically do a "cinematic pan", but will stop if you begin moving your mouse again.

I hope this helps! If you have any other issues, please respond!


ah thank you!! i think that's what i'm doing wrong, I didn't grasp the mouse mechanic so I just had the cinematic pan on at all times. I'll try it again now, it should be perfect!

Ohh great to hear. Hope you have a lovely time. Enjoy!


Very relaxing, well done game! M1 Mac gameplay


Thanks for your video! Runs pretty good on macOS it seems :))

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey! Because the game is quite small I'm not planning to do localisation. I'm sorry!


im surprised when i see the title and named it one of the city in the philippines


Haha that's indeed where the title is from.


Nice, I was digging through the comments wondering exactly that.
Beautiful place, even in monsoon season!

wait do you live in iloilo cuz i live below it


This was hands-down one of the most relaxing and wholesome games I've ever played! I love the atmosphere, I love the design, I love the music, it's all great!!

Thank you so much for your video!


Really nice game! It is featured in my Week's top 5! Check it now!


What an honour! Thank you for the feature!


Cute art. 

Thank you :3


Let's eat fish

Great video! There will be a fix asap for the mountain collider at the end of the game


super cute! i love the style

Thank you!


Hi, I've made a video about your game and wanted to share some feedback with you, hopefully it is useful to you :)

-The visual style is quite brutal, I really loved it :D.

-The gameplay mechanics are quite simple and that's what the game needed, as they also feel pretty solid.

-At the video you can see that I've found some extrange things that sort of glitched the game.

-I just wished that the game had more depth as the story seemed pretty interesting, and also I wanted it to be longer.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you take what you learnt with this project to make a bigger game. Hopefully this is useful for the you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hey there! Thank you so much for your video! I've watched it and it clearly shows you had fun exploring this tiny island :) 

There are indeed quite a few glitches, since I was very short on time it wasn't possible to clear them out. Luckily, I have some more spare time on my hands and will definitely have a look at some glitches.

Some people have told me to make a bigger game out of this, I'm not too sure yet but we'll see what the future brings :) 

Thanks for your feedback and I've subscribed! 

You are welcome, and I really think that there's a lot of potential to make out of it a great game :D

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